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General Information
Official name: Redbird
First Appearance: Batman & Robin
Type: Custom motorcycle
Used by: Robin

The Redbird was a custom motorcycle owned by Robin.


After, Mr. Freeze stole a diamond necklace from a charity ball, Batman and Robin chased after him with Batman in the Batmobile and Robin in the Redbird. They chased down a giant statue's arm, with the fingers at the end, Mr Freeze used those fingers as a jump. Batman knew Robin couldn't make the jump, so he kept telling Robin to stand down, while Robin refuses. When they got closer to the jump, Batman shut down the Redbird from the batmobile. Batman does the jump, the Batmobile didn't make it, but Batman ejected which was high enough to get where Mr Freeze was. Robin at the fingertips screams at Batman for shutting down the Redbird and not trusting him.

As with the Batmobile, this particular Redbird was a ground-up build, utilizing fiberglass and carbon fiber. The company TFX developed the Redbird on a Honda off-road motorcycle.

The Redbird has two drive nozzles, which allows the vehicle to rise. This is dependent on the speed when taking off, making the Rebird airborn for 20 seconds or longer. There's a central computer on the tank that supplies an LCD announcement containing additional information for the driver. Additionally, the Redbird has small burls to the tire, which can be driven out very fast, in order to increase the road grip. Also, it comes still grappling hook, which is attached in the front fender over the tire.

Technical specificationsEdit

  • Size: 10.5 feet (3.2 m) long
  • Drive: Honda prototype with 95 hp (71 kW)
  • Maximum speed: Of 0 to 180 mph (290 km/h) in 6.9 seconds
  • Feature: Fluorescent paper on the tires beleutet Robin's logo, has a single 600 cc Honda prototype with 95 horsepower (71 kW)



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