Regime Nightwing
General Information
Real name: Damian Wayne
First Appearance: Injustice: Gods Among Us
Affiliations: One World Regime
Portrayed by: Troy Baker

Damian Wayne was the son of Batman and held the mantle of Nightwing in the Regime Universe. He acted as one of Superman's lieutenants in the One World Regime.


Batman disowned Damian Wayne after the latter accidentally killed Dick Grayson in a fit of rage. After this, he joined Superman's regime specifically to get back at Batman, as he viewed Superman as being more of a real father to him.

Nightwing later participated in a raid on a cell of Insurgents, led by Harley Quinn to apprehend them and an alternate version of the Joker who was made leader of the group during a stump speech. When the Joker was about to sadistically remove Hawkgirl's wings, Nightwing confronted the Joker, but was held back by the Joker's card deck. Nightwing then told him that Batman is a criminal just as the Joker is when the Joker asked whose boots he found tastier. Joker then denied that Batman was anything like him, causing Nightwing to initially think that Joker was a hero where he came from, before Joker corrected him and stated that while Batman corrupts young minds, Joker "bashes them out of their skulls." Nightwing was defeated by the Joker, who then decided to kill him while he was down ("I'll have to tell Batman... There's been a death in the family."), although Hawkgirl, having regained consciousness, recovered Nightwing and retreated with him because of their being outnumbered due to the arrival of the Regime Universe's Batman as well as the Prime Universe's Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, and Aquaman.

Nightwing later confronted Batman and Green Arrow at Stryker prison when trying to rescue the Prime Universe's Batman, initially fighting against the latter while Batman confronted Catwoman. While fighting, Green Arrow told off Nightwing for betraying Batman despite being trained by him, until Nightwing corrected him and told him that he isn't Dick Grayson, with Batman confirming it by revealing that he was Damian Wayne. He then fought his father, although he ended up defeated.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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