Ricorso's Lawyer helped the gangster boss Vinnie Ricorso to present an affidavit at Gotham City Hall, in order to take control of all of Carl Grissom's activities, after The Joker took over.


That man was hired by Vinnie Ricorso to present a (false) affidavit which stated that Carl Grissom had entrusted all businesses to Ricorso. During the press conference outside Gotham City Hall, Ricorso's Lawyer confirmed everything, and told the press that the signature of Grissom was perfectly regular and legitimate. At that moment the Joker appeared, confirmed what was said by Ricorso's Lawyer, and said that Grissom had signed with his dead hand and his blood. Then the Joker hit Ricorso in the throat with a ridiculously large quill pen, and killed him. After that, the Joker's mimes opened fire against the crowd. It's unclear if Ricorso's Lawyer was able to run away and save himself, or if he was killed by Joker's mimes.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In the closing credits, Ricorso's Lawyer was simply credited as Lawyer.