General Information
Real name: Richard John Grayson
Aliases: Dick Grayson
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: John Grayson (Deceased Father)
Mary Grayson (Deceased Mother)
Mitch Grayson (Deceased older Brother)
Bruce Wayne/Batman (Friend, mentor and partner)
Alfred Pennyworth (Friend)
Barbara Wilson/Batgirl (Partner and love interest)
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Blue
Portrayed by: Chris O'Donnell
Appearances: Batman Forever
Batman & Robin

"My brother's wire broke once and I swung out and grabbed him. My father said I was his hero. I flew in like a Robin."
―Dick Grayson to Alfred Pennyworth.[src]

Robin was the alias of Batman's crime-fighting partner, Dick Grayson.


Batman ForeverEdit

Dick was the youngest son of John and Mary. They were a team of acrobats who were called The Flying Graysons who worked in a circus along with his elder brother, Mitch. They went all across the world with the rest of the circus with their astounding acts.

While they were on tour in Gotham City, the Flying Graysons' show was interrupted by a psychopathic villain who was named Two-Face who, along with his Thugs, held the audience and entertainers hostage with an orb that hung from the top of the tent that was filled with two hundred sticks of TNT, and was controlled with a radio detonator that was set to go off in two minutes, but would disarm in exchange for Batman's life. Bruce Wayne, who was in attendance at the circus with Dr. Chase Meridian, tried to sacrifice himself, but due to the screaming of the terrified audience, Two-Face was unable to hear him.

The Graysons selflessly decided to help everyone by destroying the explosive device themselves. While Dick successfully disposed of the orb, Two-Face flipped his coin to decide the fate of Dick's family; and the coin landed on the scarred side. As a result, Two-Face shot apart one of the harnesses that kept the rest of Dick's family hanging, and caused them to fall down to the hard ground below, and they all died on impact.

Dick returned and was greatly heartbroken to see the corpses of his whole family. He never slept, spoke to anyone, or even ate because of that terrible tragedy and gained a great hatred for Two-Face.

Sometime later, Commissioner James Gordon took Dick to Wayne Manor where Bruce, who felt partly to blame for the murder of Dick's family, took him in, though Dick did not want to stay (for long, at least). Dick quickly struck up a friendship with Alfred Pennyworth. When Alfred brought up the image of a Robin on Dick's motorcycle helmet, he told Alfred that he once saved his brother's life during circus practice after Mitchell's wire broke by swinging out and grabbing him ("I flew in like a Robin."), and earned tremendous respect from his father who praised him as a hero. After he saw great potential in Dick as a crime fighter, Alfred assured Dick that "broken wings mend in time" and promised that "one day Robin will fly again".

After he accidently discovered the Batcave, Dick decided to go for a joyride in the Batmobile. He saved a teenage girl from a street gang, who had him outnumbered until Batman arrived. Dick was initially furious upon learning that Bruce was Batman and blamed him for his family's deaths. Later, Dick demanded that Bruce help him find Two-Face so that he could kill him. Bruce refused, and did not want Dick to end up like him; a loner. But Dick insisted on being involved.

When Batman was almost killed by Two-Face after the latter and his thugs crashed the NygmaTech business party, Dick (dressed in his circus outfit and wearing a mask) intervened and saved his life. Bruce, however, was angry with him for putting his own life at risk, and rejected his offer to join him as his partner in crime-fighting. When Bruce decided to give up being Batman in order to pursue a normal life with his girlfriend, Chase Meridian, Dick ran away before Chase was kidnapped by both Two-Face and The Riddler, and took his circus costume with him.

Batman Forever - Robin (Chris O'Donnell)

Dick Grayson in his first Robin Suit.

When Batman was on his way to rescue Chase and stop the two villains, Dick returned, wore a crime fighter's that was suit designed by Alfred, and became Batman's new partner, "Robin", in order to save her.

Upon arriving at the Riddler's fortress, Claw Island, Batman and Robin were separated and were forced to split up. Robin found Two-Face, viciously thrashed him in a vengeful rage, and sent him hanging over the edge of a cliff. Unable to take a life after he was bluffed by Two-Face, Robin pulled him back up with the intention of sending him to jail.

Two-Face responded by taking him at gunpoint to the Riddler. He was tied up, gagged with duct tape, and placed in a giant glass cylinder with Chase, in another cylinder, on the other side of the room.

Batman arrived and the Riddler gave him a choice to save Chase or Robin. Batman destroyed the Riddler's mind device, which warped the Riddler's mind in the process.

Before he collapsed, the Riddler made the lids of the two cylinders that held Robin and Chase open, and sent them down to the rocks and water below. Batman, however, saved them both, but Two-Face appeared, took aim at the three of them, and was about to shoot them. However, Batman reminded Two-Face about his coin and that he's always had two minds about everything. When Two-Face concurred with that and flipped his coin to decide their fate, Batman threw a handful of coins that were identical to his and Two-Face frantically tried to get all of them when he suddenly lost his balance and plummeted down to the spiky pit below, with his actual coin landing in the palm of his hand on the good side as he sank into the pit, dead. Robin stared at Two-Face as he fell to his death, and was satisfied that his family was avenged.

In the years that followed, Robin continued to serve as Batman's sidekick.

Batman & RobinEdit

Robin became a little more independent and used rash methods which caused Batman not to trust him. He almost got himself killed by Mr. Freeze and turned by Poison Ivy, which left Batman frustrated.


Dick Grayson, opening the doors of Wayne Manor to Barbara Wilson.

Dick became romantically entangled with Alfred's niece, Barbara Wilson, who later joined the crime fighting team under the alias Batgirl, but spends most of the film being hopelessly in love with Poison Ivy. Dick was deeply sorrowful when he learned that Alfred was dying from a rare disease that was called MacGregor's Syndrome

Robin's relationship with Poison Ivy began when he and Batman first met her at the Charity Ball. Poison Ivy makes her grand entrance and begins flirting with the two heroes and getting them with her pheromone dust. The two of them get into a bidding war for Ivy, only being stopped when Mr.Freeze crashes the party. Mr.Freeze steals the necklace, but before Robin follows Batman after him he started at Poison Ivy, who blows a kiss at him. 

Dick gets into an argument with Bruce after capturing Freeze. He accuses him of not trusting him to do anything and wanting Poison Ivy to himself. Dickignores Bruce's reply that he must follow his rules or he won't be a part of the team, and storms off in anger. 

Robin and Batman learn that Poison Ivy has helped Freeze escape Arkham and investigate his hideout. There they are confronted by Ivy and her enforcer Bane. Ivy once agin blows her pheromone dust at Robin and offers him a kiss, but are interrupted when Bane tosses Batman down at them. Robin goes off to confront Bane, leaving Batmanwith Ivy. Ivy fails to seduce Batman, but has more success with the inexperienced Robin. While Batman struggles with Bane, Ivy flirts with Robin, convincing him he doesn't need Batman and can be his own man. She wraps the hero in a hug, telling him she can see his own "Robin Signal" in the sky, and she can guide him. Now completely in love, Robin and Ivy slowly lean in for a kiss, but are once again stopped by Batman.

Batman correctly guesses that Ivy has been trying to kiss them to poison them, remembering the victim at the airport. Robin however, blinded by love, thinks Batman is jealous Poison Ivy loves him instead and attacks Batman. He is easily overpowered by Batman though and thrown in a vat of ice cream, while Ivy makes her escape while the duo are distracted. Batman pulls Robin out, but Robin declares their partnership over and that from now on he's solo. 

Poison Ivy later stole the Bat Signal and replaced it with a bird symbol, turning it into a "Robin Signal." Robin sees this and remembers what Ivy told him. He knows it is from Ivy, calling him to her as a sign of love. Robin prepares to leave to meet Ivy but Bruce stops him, Robin still thinks he's jealous that Ivy is calling for Robin as her true love instead of Batman. Bruce begs him one more time to trust him about Ivy and listen to him, and that's he's looking out for him as a family does. 

Robin later arrives at Ivy's lair and slowly makes his way inside. As he goes further in the path behind him becomes blocked by vines. He reaches the center of the lair with a lily pond and a giant rose, which opens up to reveal Poison Ivy, in a new red dress and sitting on a rose throne. She greets Robin and he slowly makes his way across the pond on lily pads, sitting next to Ivy on her throne. Robin says he loves Ivy and wants them to be together, but asks for a sign of trust from her that she is really "turning over a new leaf." He ignores her flirts and specifically asks for her to tell him her plan. Ivy puts a hand on his back and leans forward, saying she'll tell him in exchange for a kiss first, but Robin flips the offer, promising to kiss her if she tells him first.Ivy reveals Freeze's plan to freeze Gotham to Robin, and he quickly prepares to leave to stop him.


Robin finally kisses his crush, Poison Ivy, to see if their love is real.

Ivy grabs Robin and pulls him back to face her, speaking gently to him "One kiss, my love...for luck." Ivy gives a seductive smile and Robin silently submits to her. Ivy places a hand on Robin and they both lean forward, closing their eyes, with Robin missing the evil smirk Ivy has on her face. The two share a romantic, passionate kiss at last, until Ivy breaks the kiss. Ivy rubs nose with Robin and reveals her true nature to him in mock "sadness" while stroking his chin, telling him it is time to die. Robin however reveals a surprise of his own, he was wearing rubber lips to protect himself from her poisonous kiss. Robin had played Ivy since he arrived, he tricked her into telling him her plan and once her guard was down had used their kiss as a test to see if her love to him was real, a test Ivy had just failed.

Ivy stares in shock at the rubber lip that ruined everything, then at The Boy Wonder she thought she had wrapped around her finger. She couldn't believe that Robin had tricked her and survived a kiss with her, and her shocked stare turns into an angry glare. She furiously leaps forward and shoves Robin off her throne and into the vine infested pond to drown him. Ivy waves bye to Robin and mockingly says "see ya!" to rub in to the hero she was "breaking up with him," officially ending their relationship. However, Robin manages to cut himself free of the vines and Ivy is quickly defeated by Batgirl, knocked back into the throne they had just been sharing and she shoved him from. The throne closes up on Ivy, trapping her. Batman and Robin go to stop Freeze with Batgirl, and Robin leaves Poison Ivy and his feelings for her behind in her lair. 

In the end, Robin stayed on Batman's team, and together, they defeated Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and Bane, and also obtained the cure for Alfred's condition from Freeze in the process, who offered it to them out of gratitude for revealing to him that it was Ivy, not Batman, who tried to kill his wife, and that they had found and restored her. Bruce and Dick's trust in one another was finally restored, their bond grew stronger, and they became family. With Barbara as a member of the team, the Titanic Trio continued to protect Gotham from crime. 


Batman ForeverEdit


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Batman & RobinEdit


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Behind the Scenes Edit

  • That version of Robin was very similar to Jason Todd in the comics.
  • Dick's Robin costume in Batman & Robin bore similarities to the comic's current Nightwing costume with an added cape. Dick Grayson even considered "Nightwing" as his possible "sidekick name" in Batman Forever.
  • Producers of the first film considered using Robin and had even cast an actor, but they eventually dropped the character.
  • Robin appeared in various scripts of Batman Returns, but was removed due to too many characters in the film. However, despite his exclusion from the movie, an action figure of Robin was still made.
    • A not produced script featured Robin as a homeless boy vigilante, who became an ally to Batman. He was the leader of a juvenile gang, who beat people up, and he eventually had a "hard-edged" relationship with Batman, who then took him in as his sidekick.
    • Robin was later changed to an intelligent African-American teenager who was also a garage mechanic, who worked in an auto shop garage. He was to supposedly fix the Batmobile after The Penguin wrecked it. According to screenplay writer Daniel Waters, he wore an old-fashioned garage mechanic uniform with an 'R' on it. There was a scene where he drove the Batmobile, which was used in the third film. He even helped Batman out of a jam. Marlon Wayans was cast, and signed for a sequel. Wayans had attended costume tests, but it was decided to save that character for a later film.
  • Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg were considered for the role of Robin for Batman Forever.



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