All of the proteges who have gone by "Robin".

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Television SeriesEdit


  • Recently it has become customary to give animated depiction of earlier Robins attributes of later ones possibly to make them more recognizable. Examples include:
  • Because of the tragic nature of how his tenure as Robin ended, Jason Todd is routilely skipped over in non-comic media, and as such Tim Drake is depicted as Dick Grayson's immediate successor. The New Batman Adventures combined the two characters into one under Tim Drake's name, giving him an origin reminicsent of Jason, but Tim's appearance. Ironically the character ultimately suffered a tragic end (to his career as Robin, not his life) at the hands of the Joker.
  • In The Dark Knight Rises, John Blake is a young cop/ally of Batman. His legal first name is Robin, and at the end of the film he resigns from the Gotham City Police Department and discovers the Batcave.

Robin in His Varied AppearancesEdit

Live Action VersionsEdit

Robin (Douglas Croft)
John Duncan as Robin
Robin (Burt Ward) 2
Robin - (Chris O'Donnell)

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Robin (Douglas Croft)
Batman (1943 Serial)
Robin (Johnny Duncan)
Batman and Robin (1949 Serial)
late 1960's
Robin (Burt Ward)
Batman (1960s series)
Batman (1966 Movie)
late 1990's
Robin (Chris O'Donnell)
Batman Forever (1995)
Batman & Robin (1997)
Robin (Brenton Thwaites)
Titans (2018)

Animated VersionsEdit

Robin 1968
Robin SuperFriends (1973-1985)
Robin 1977
1968 - 1969
The Batman/Superman Hour
1973 - 1985
Super Friends
The New Adventures of Batman
Robin Batman The Animated Series (1992-1995) 3
Robin The New Batman Adventures (1997-1998)
Robin The Batman (2006-2008)
Robin Batman The Brave and the Bold (2008-2009) 5
1992 - 1995
Batman: The Animated Series
1997 - 1998
The New Batman Adventures
2004 - 2008
The Batman
2008 - 2010
Batman: The Brave and the Bold