"Fall from Grace"Edit

Alfred Pennyworth returns to the Batcave to find Tim Drake training there on a school day. Tim explains that he is skipping school, and Alfred is disturbed by the reason: Tim is sporting a large and severe looking black eye. Tim asks that Alfred keep the knowledge to himself before returning home to Drake Manor.

At home, Tim's father Jack confronts him about his skipped classes, leading to more questions about the black eye, and what has happened to Tim since his father was confined to a wheelchair. Tim complains that his parents had never taken much interest in him until now, and Jack complains that he can't be expected to be as wonderful as Bruce Wayne. Tim storms off, with both regretting the harsh words they used.

That night, Tim goes out as Robin, bemoaning his frustrations with having a secret identity, and his lack of anyone to talk to about his problems - except perhaps Huntress. Meanwhile, Huntress returns home after a night on the street, only to find Robin waiting for her in her apartment. He reveals that based on hints that she dropped during their last encounter, he deduced fairly easily who she really is.

Tim informs her that the paper sample she discovered in the possession of the Russians is currency stock, and that the only profit in counterfeiting currency is in counterfeiting one from a stable economy. Together, they return to the hotel room where she found the sample, and search for clues. While Robin uses a speed-checkout system to see who last booked the room, they set off a sensor, alerting the Hammer to their intrusion. They manage to take down the hoods, and just as Huntress prepares to torture them for information, an explosion goes off at their backs.

The KGBeast appears, promising to kill them both. In a rage of vengeance for Ariana Dzerchenko, Robin uses a new improved battle staff to actually do some damage to the Beast, and in the ensuing confusion, Huntress and KGBeast are knocked out of a window, and left dangling from a ledge. Once she is sure that Robin has a hold of her, Huntress lets go of the KGBeast, letting him fall to the street below. Even so, he survives, and escapes.

The next day, Tim manages to get to school on time, but is once again called in to see his counsellor, Ms. Hollingsworth. She demands an explanation for his injuries, threatening expulsion. When she is called away for a moment, Tim takes the opportunity to escape through the window. Later, Tim's search for information on his case is interrupted by his father's announcement that he is transferring Tim to Fernwood Academy for Boys in Metropolis.


"Fall from Grace"Edit