"The Mouse That Ate Gotham"
General Information
Series: Robin
Issue Number: 18
First Published: July 1995
Previous Issue: Robin #17
Next Issue: Robin #19


"The Mouse That Ate Gotham"Edit

Someone is highlighting engineering problems in Gotham in a potentially lethal manner, causing walkways to collapse and other city structures to fail. Following leads from dismissed city employee Schuyler Ollsworthy, Robin tracks down the culprit - who is dressed as a mouse - to City Hall, and saves the mayor from death in a faulty lift. The culprit is revealed to be a woman named Pamela who was hopelessly in love with Mr Ollsworthy, although he had never noticed. Ollsworthy himself is re-hired by the mayor himself with carte blanche to ensure that the city's engineering problems are fixed.


"The Mouse That Ate Gotham"Edit





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