"Bitter Dregs"
General Information
Series: Robin
Issue Number: 28
First Published: April 1996
Previous Issue: Robin #27
Next Issue: Robin #29


"Bitter Dregs"Edit

Nightwing races to the Batcave with the cure for the Clench, but Alfred tells him that it too late for Robin. However, when he sees Batman and a cured Tim, Nightwing realizes Alfred was only bluffing. Meanwhile, the state governor has sworn in newly-elected mayor Marion Grange ahead of schedule, and she has reinstated James Gordon as police commissioner. Robin heads back home, taking a detour to deal with gang who refuse to let the cure into their area, teaming up once more with Catwoman. When he returns home, his family are relieved to see him again, as is Ariana, whom Tim is particularly surprised to see.


"Bitter Dregs"Edit





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