Even though Gotham is buried under mountains of snow, crime never sleeps. Robin takes out a group of drive-by shooters on snowmobile. Spoiler arrives as he finishes with the group. Robin tries to take her home but the pair notice a break-in crew at an electronics store. Together, they stop most of the burglars but Robin and a crook wielding a chainsaw fall through the roof into the store. The crook chases Robin and Spoiler with his chainsaw and accidentally cuts through several of the roof's support pillars. The added weight of the snow quickly causes the roof to collapse trapping Robin, Spoiler, and the crook. Meanwhile, Toyman escapes from prison by skiing over a snowdrift and jumping the prison walls. Back in the store, Robin begins digging for the buried robber. Spoiler decides to leave him to his fate but Robin convinces her that isn't the way he or Batman operates. As they dig, they uncover a mother and child who took refuge from the snow in the store. The chainsaw crook once again attacks Robin but is quickly knocked out. Robin and Spoiler eventually manage to dig everyone out and discover the sun is once again shining and the snow is finally given the chance to melt.