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"War Toy Story"
General Information
Series: Robin
Issue Number: 36
First Published: December 1996
Previous Issue: Robin #35
Next Issue: Robin #37


"War Toy Story"Edit

Ulysses Hadrian Armstron, a.k.a. the General, makes his return to the pages of Robin after a short stint in a "youth study center." Not wanting Ulysses to return to his nefarious ways, Robin makes a home vist to warn the General that he is under observation.

A trip to the toy store brings the General face to face with Toyman, fresh from his escape off of Stryker's Island, whom he idealizes for his army toyline.

Toyman sees an impressionable young boy that he can use for his own plans...namely stealing a rar action figure from the vault of an eccentric toy collector.


"War Toy Story"Edit




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