Tim Drake makes his way to Ari's house to check on her but gets caught by the National Guard. He's told that most of the residents are staying in the high school because of reported gas leaks in the area. He decides to head off to their house where he finds his dad has hired workers to help fix their house. Little does Mr. Drake know that he has been scammed.

At night, Tim decides to go to the gym where survivors are staying as Robin and to check on Ariana again. He notices Stephanie Brown among the crowd and gets her attention. The two talk outside where she informs him that the Cluemaster is still at large. Steph convinces Robin to retrieve her costume from their house.

Robin quietly sneaks past the guards and into the Brown residence. As he searches inside, he stumbles upon Cluemaster who has the Spoiler costume. Soldiers quickly notice the light on and begin searching the house. A firefight ensues which gives Cluemaster an opportunity to escape. Robin gives chase through the rooftops.

The two fall on a covered pool where they confront each other. The National Guard pursue Cluemaster giving Robin a chance to escape. He decides to keep the costume for the time being. Tim returns his dad's deposit after finding the scammers the night before. The next day, he finds Ari by the driveway and the two decide to get back together.