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"Benedictions, Part Two: Deathangel"
General Information
Series: Robin
Flying Solo
Issue Number: 6
First Published: May 1994
Previous Issue: Robin #5
Next Issue: Robin #7


"Benedictions, Part Two: Deathangel"Edit

Having come to the Huntress' aid in her skirmish with Mickey Silver and a group of motorcycling hoods, Robin works with her on the twin cases of Mandy Paoulo and Silver. They learn that Mandy wanted Mickey dead, then encounter another masked person, the gun-toting Deathangel. Later, Robin follows Mandy's trail back to St. Anscom's church and to the office of her brother, Father Daniel Paolo, where he is met by Deathangel.


"Benedictions, Part Two: Deathangel"Edit





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