"The Dark"Edit

Robin, Clyde Rawlins and Lady Shiva stake out the Dorrance Building in Hong Kong. Clyde's hunger for revenge forces him to depart from the others and he begins to make his way into the skyscraper's front lobby. Robin has reviewed all of the building's security measures, and sneaks in from the basement levels. He disables the security systems allowing Clyde and Lady Shiva to continue without interference.

Clyde eventually tracks King Snake down and faces off with him in a trophy room. King Snake is in his element however and easily outfights Rawlins. He describes how he made Clyde’s wife scream before he killed her. He kicks Rawlins in the back, snapping his spine, before wheeling around to deliver a fatal chop to his neck.

Robin meanwhile, makes his way towards the clock tower room where King Snake's men have planted the plague virus. King Snake's chief lieutenant, Bobbo, sees Robin on the catwalk and opens fire on him. Robin uses his sling and fires a screw into the chamber of Bobbo's gun. The gun backfires and resulting explosion kills Bobbo.

Robin then makes his way to the trophy room where he finds Clyde's dead body. King Snake emerges and the two begin fighting. Robin remains silent, so as to keep what little edge he has against a blind opponent. Despite his blindness, King Snake manages to beat Robin back with several brutal kicks. Robin knows that he has little chance of defeating King Snake in the dark, and uses his fighting staff to create a whistling sound to distract his opponent. While King Snake is disoriented, Robin kicks him through the window.

Lady Shiva finally emerges from the shadows and finds King Snake hanging on a ledge over a fifty-floor drop. Robin refuses to finish Dorrance for Shiva, and races back to the clock tower room to secure the plague. As he leaves, he hears King Snake's screams as he falls to his apparent death.

The Hong Kong authorities are called in and the virus is safely contained. Robin meets Henri Ducard who informs him that King Snake sent a cargo vessel filled with laundered money to Gotham City. He had intended on establishing a new headquarters there after destroying Hong Kong.

Robin returns to Gotham City and stops King Snake's shipment of money. He also encounters Lynx, who now possesses only one eye – punishment for her failure to kill him. Robin lets Lynx and the rest of the Ghost Dragons go. He reunites with his mentor, Batman, and the two swing off into the night.


"The Dark"Edit