Mayor Jenkins
Murphy as the Mayor
General Information
Real name: Roscoe Jenkins
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Mrs. Jenkins (Wife)
Baby Jenkins
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Hair –
Eyes -
Portrayed by: Michael Murphy
Appearances: Batman Returns
"It's gotta stop and it's going to stop."
―Mayor Jenkins referring to the chaos in Gotham.[src]

Roscoe Jenkins was the Mayor of Gotham City during The Penguin's reign of terror.


Though it was unknown how Mayor Jenkins' ratings fared during his term, the greatest threat to his career came in the form of Max Shreck's proposal to build a power plant that was supposedly for the purpose of preserving Gotham's power in the future and avoiding an economic depression. Unknown to Jenkins was Shreck's secret intention for the power plant to drain Gotham of its electricity, store it, and thereby bring the city under the Shreck Family's undisputed control. Jenkins was strongly against the idea of the power plant in the first place, which made him something of an enemy for Shreck, who hinted at getting Jenkins recalled, though Jenkins ignored the "threat". Despite that, Jenkins' capabilities as Mayor began to be questioned when the disgraced Red Triangle Circus Gang attacked Gotham in an attempt to kidnap Shreck.

Jenkins promised Gotham that such an attack would never happen again at a press conference, but a Red Triangle Gang member kidnapped Jenkins' baby son in front of his very eyes and disappeared into the sewer. But The Penguin, until then regarded as a rumor ("The Mysterious Penguin-Man of the Sewer"), "rescued" Jenkins' baby and won the sympathy of the public, though that was a ruse on part of both Shreck and the Penguin. Still scheming to rule Gotham, Shreck used the Penguin's newfound popularity to challenge Jenkins, and had the Red Triangle Gang attack Gotham again to defame him. Jenkins tried to persuade Gotham that they had the situation under control, but the death of The Ice Princess apparently at Batman's hands before their very eyes and Batman's apparent rampage throughout the city in the Batmobile served as the final straw, and the Penguin would have very well have been elected to replace Jenkins had Batman not uncovered his schemes in time.

Following the Penguin's fall from grace, it was implied that Jenkins was forgiven and reinstated as Mayor and owed Batman for saving his job as Mayor. In a deleted scene, Jenkins and Commissioner James Gordon stood by the Batsignal, contemplated recent actions, and wondered if Batman would ever forgive Gotham for hunting him like a criminal. But Batman indeed showed up, which indicated that he forgave Gotham.

Eventually, Jenkins completed his term and was replaced by Mayor Burian-Mohr.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

  • In the original script and throughout the film, Jenkins went unnamed, and was constantly referred to as "The Mayor" or "Mr. Mayor". He was initially speculated to be Hamilton Hill, but the official novelization named him as Roscoe Jenkins.

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