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Rupert Thorne
Rupert thorne
General Information
Real name: Rupert Thorne
Portrayed by: Victor Brandt (voice)
Appearances: The Batman

A typical greasy mob boss, Rupert Thorne had a run-in with Batman very early on in his career, but wasn't deterred from his life of crime.


In the first episode, Rupert Thorne's criminal empire falls apart before supervillains like the Joker appear in Gotham. He also makes a cameo in the episode "A Matter of Family." In "Rumors," he was shown to be one of the captive victims of Rumor.

Thorne plays a larger role in The Batman Strikes!, a comic based in the continuity of the show. In one issue, he works with Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim to create an army of super-villains based on Bane, Man-Bat, and Firefly.


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