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"Darling, I've gotta get you to the church on time."
The Joker to Vicki Vale[src]
Skirmish of Gotham Cathedral
General Information
Location: Belfry, Gotham Cathedral
Media: Batman
Result: The following occur:

Events SurroundingEdit

The chaos and battle at Gotham's 200th Anniversary Parade.


Vicki approaches the downed craft, but is captured by the Joker, who leads her to the top of Gotham Cathedral. Dazed, but not finished, Batman pursues. At the top of the cathedral, Batman discovers one of Vicki's slippers, only to lead him to the tower. Batman goes to the tower and hears The Joker's voice. After Batman defeats three of the Joker`s goons, the two adversaries finally confront each other in single combat.

In a moment of opportunity, the Joker pulls Batman and Vicki off the belfry, where they cling to the ledge for their lives. As the Joker begins mocking them, his helicopter appears, and he grabs hold of a dangling ladder, about to escape. Batman shoots a wire around the Joker's leg, connecting it to a stone gargoyle on the ledge. As the Joker is lifted away, the wire pulls the gargoyle loose, and he relinquishes his grip on the ladder, falling to his death.

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