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Robin has been captured by The Riddler and his gang, who make a plaster cast of his masked face and create a perfect disguise for his henchgirl, Molly. Luring Batman with some riddles, they manage to trick him into taking ‘Robin’ back to the Batcave, but the clever Caped Crusader is able to see through the deception; however, when Molly tries to shoot Batman, she slips from the top of the atomic pile and falls to her death. Batman rescues Robin from the Riddler’s clutches, but the Prince of Puzzles escapes to the Moldavian Pavilion; here, his sights are set on a gathering to honour the famous Mammoth of Moldavia, which is stuffed with priceless Moldavian postage stamps.




The end where Riddler disappears in the explosion is similar to the first Riddler Comic where Riddler try to kill the Dyamic duo with a booby trapped Riddler Maze on a dock-only for Riddler to fall off and leave no trace except for a "?"

The Fantasy aspect of the series is apparent because it would have been impossible for batman to have burned the hammer of Molly's gun with the Bat laser gun while driving the Batmobile. Likewise Molly bright red hair would have been a dead{HA} giveaway that the "Robin" Batman took from the accident was a fake!

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