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Snowy Cones Thugs
General Information
Founder(s): Mr. Freeze
Leader(s): Mr. Freeze
Current Members: Frosty
Ms. B. Haven
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Gotham City

Snowy Cones Thugs were henchmen working for Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin.


The Snowy Cones Thugs used hockey sticks for weapons and ice skates for footwear.

They were known to be violent especially when Batman or his sidekick Robin enter Mr. Freeze's lair. On the other hand, one of them might ward off those who dare to enter, but they also are protected by hockey equipment including shoulder pads and boots. As Batman and Robin tried to enter the lair, one of them chased the dynamic duo and tried to stop them but it was too late as one of them had been frozen. Another one was knocked out by Batman and the other by Robin. Mr. Freeze declared revenge for his thugs. When Robin and Batman were in the middle of the fight and were being attacked by the thugs. Knocked them out and left them bruised. For this reason alone. The thugs come in large numbers of groups and wear blue face-paint on their eyebrows. And red on their noses as well as their cheeks.

Known membersEdit


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