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Solomon Grundy
General Information
Real name: Cyrus Gold
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham City (All-American Comics #61)
Created by: Alfred Bester
Paul Reinman
Affiliations: The Penguin
Abilities: Immortality
Superhuman strength
Portrayed by: Fred Tatasciore
"Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, married on Wednesday..."
―Solomon Grundy as he is awakened by the Penguin[src]

Formally known as Cyrus Gold, Solomon Grundy came into existence after Gold's brutal murder and ruthless experimentation at the hands of Ra's al Ghul and his League of Assassins as part of their plans to discover the secrets of immortality. Dying dozens of times from the inhumane torture only to be brought back to life for more, Grundy was left broken in body, mind, and spirit. The beast grew to relish in his own pain and suffering and inflicted the same on anyone else who was unfortunate enough to wander across his path. Having been brought under the control of the Penguin for many years, Grundy is used as a weapon to wipe out anyone who would stand against Cobblepot's criminal empire.


Early lifeEdit

Cyrus Gold was a notorious mass murderer. He sought to escape justice in late 19th century Gotham, but was eventually murdered and dumped into the Slaughter Swamp. He was eventually captured by a circus and forced to work within a side show, thusly rechristened Solomon Grundy after the famous nursery rhyme

Grundy's amazing abilities to cheat death eventually drew the attention of Ra's al Ghul and his League of Assassins. The villain and his organization eventually captured Grundy from the circus to be used in inhumane experiments within a secret lab they constructed within Gotham. Grundy was repeatedly killed, revived with Lazarus chemicals, the same substance within the swamp that brought him back to life, and experimented on to see what effects Lazarus would have on Ra's, who was intent to use it to discover the secrets of immortality.


In the process, not only was Cyrus permanently transformed into an undead swamp monster, but he was also robbed of his memories as Cyrus Gold. Ra's findings into this new and more pure Lazarus substance, similar to others he previously found throughout the world, which dried up after a short amount of use, enabled him to create his primary Lazarus Pit and construct a new city within Gotham, named Wonder City and powered by Lazarus.

Eventually however, Ra's' plans failed when the Lazarus chemicals were revealed to be driving Wonder City's residents insane, forcing Gotham's authorities to shut down the city after it was destroyed during maddened riots and Ra's refused to act and accept responsibility for the destruction. Grundy was left within Ra's medical chamber, broken mentally and emotionally, over which Penguin's famous Iceberg Lounge would be built years later as North Gotham began to be built over the remains of Wonder City.

Batman: Arkham Origins: BlackgateEdit

Grundy later ended up somehow entering Blackgate Prison's sewer system underneath the Industrial complex of the facility. Batman, when trying to track down Black Mask to the generator room, encountered Grundy, who prevented a gate from coming down. Forced into a battle with the undead supervillain, Batman managed to outsmart the zombie by exploiting the environment to get Grundy electrocuted enough to stun him with Batman finishing him off with several blows, destroying the gate in the process.

It should be noted that Batman called Grundy by name when seeing him, meaning he has encountered Grundy before or was at least aware of his existence.

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

Solomon Grundy eventually returned to his grave, where he was found in the Iceberg Lounge by crime lord Penguin when he took over the Cyrus Pinkney's Institute of Natural History in Arkham City. Penguin realized he could wake up the monster, using electricity. Seeing usage in Grundy, Penguin would frequently feed disloyal subjects or enemies to Grundy; when an undercover Batman questioned Penguin about the identity of "the man downstairs," Penguin simply told him to pray never to find out. Later, he fought Bane (when he came to claim Penguin's titan) and won.

After Batman has disabled the Freeze gun Penguin was shooting, he knocks him off his vantage point. Before he can finish him off, the Penguin detonates the ice sculpture that Batman is standing on, and he falls into a pit. Penguin then unleashes Grundy by electrocuting him.

Batman uses the sources of the electricity to his advantage by using Explosive Gel to destroy the sources, causing Grundy to grow weak. Batman uses a beatdown to finish Grundy off, but Penguin enables the sources of the electricity to turn back on. This time, the sources are only open for a small period of time, making it harder for Batman to place the Explosive Gel on them. After destroying the generators for a second time, Grundy appears defeated. But before Batman can completely defeat Grundy, he grabs Batman, and crawls over to the main generator. He then sticks his arm into it and gets regenerated yet again.

Batman is able to escape Grundy's grasp, and, with much difficulty, finally defeats Grundy by completely shutting off all power and then punching his heart out after destroying his rib cage with repeated blows to the chest. Grundy is now defeated and Penguin has no backup, but himself and a grenade launcher. After returning to the Iceberg Lounge, Grundy's body was never seen and it is unknown if he "truly" died. However, since Batman destroyed Grundy's heart and he cannot be regenerated because of the destruction of the electrical generators, it is safe to assume he died yet again, with his death being cemented.

Batman: Arkham KnightEdit

Grundy was mentioned by Penguin regarding a surviving member of his gang who ended up severely injured due to the Arkham Knight wiping out several people at the docks. Penguin mentioned it looked like the gang member went through ten rounds with Grundy.

Additionally, within Founders' Island is a shrine dedicated to Grundy, including a gold gramophone reciting his iconic theme. It is unknown who constructed the shrine, but scanning it will reveal a 'Gotham Story' that details Grundy's body being discovered by the authorities as Arkham City was shut down.

The body was taken to the Gotham morgue and kept under heavy lock and key with several Wayne Enterprises' locks. On a Monday night, the morgue attendant began to hear chanting that grew louder and louder as Grundy sprung back to life, chanting 'Born on a Monday'. It is unknown what became of Grundy, but he does not appear to be a threat any longer by the events of Arkham Knight.


  • Solomon Grundy's only line throughout the game, when he is first activated by the Penguin, is "Solomon Grundy. Born on a Monday. Christened on Tuesday. Married on Wednesday." which are the first verses to the English nursery rhyme that acted as his namesake. However, during Grundy's game over screens he says different lines.
  • When Detective mode is used on Grundy, his condition is set as "Unknown"; considering that he's undead, Batman's actions were most likely a temporary setback.
  • If you shoot Grundy with the REC gadget, he will temporarily regain health, and turn blue.

Game Over linesEdit

  • "Grundy will kill you!"
  • "Grundy must hurt the Bat!"


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