Judge Solomon Wayne
General Information
Real name: Solomon Zebediah Wayne
First Appearance: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #27 (February, 1992)
Created by: Dennis O'Neil
Affiliations: Wayne Family

Solomon Wayne is Bruce Wayne's great-great-great-grandfather. A judge and promoter of the Old Gotham style of architecture. Solomon was one of the men responsible for the beginnings of Gotham City.


When young, Solomon Wayne came to Gotham with a Harvard degree, a law book, and a Bible, Gotham was little more than a village. After obtaining a federal judgeship, he dispensed the harsh justice of an old-testament patriarch, he also started a dozen businesses. Within six years of his arrival in Gotham he was it's leading and most prosperous citizen.

Upon meeting architect Cyrus Pinkney and seeing his drawings, Solomon knew he had found the style that would one day make Gotham a great city. He then went to work promoting the style.

Solomon lived long enough to see Pinkney's vision come to fruition. He died at the age of 104.

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