Star City Jokerz
Star City Jokerz
General Information
Leader(s): Joker King
Base of Operations: Star City

The Star City Jokerz are an off shoot of the Jokerz based in Star City. Bruce Wayne was able to identify them by their red daisies with green polka dots. They first appeared in Batman Beyond #1.


The Star City Jokerz were fighting Batman in a magic shop. Terry feels that fighting them was almost beneath him. He makes short work of the gang. From his control center, Bruce Wayne immediately notices that these Jokerz aren’t from Neo-Gotham. Their markings suggest that they are a gang of Jokerz from Star City.

The battle was being observed by a mysterious shadowy figure and his right-hand clown Pally who was manipulating events. He has an inside man in GCPD and is bringing in Joker gangs from all over the country.

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