Starling is a member of the Birds of Prey who is a master strategist as well as being on the top of multiple Government watch lists.


Starling was a new character introduced with the relaunch of the DC after the events of Flashpoint. She was inserted into continuity as an old friend of Black Canary who is considered an outlaw by the Government. She appears to be religious, worrying about her eternal soul and claiming that she had no idea where to even "start to confess a sin like this" when she drove her car through a church.

When Starling first joins Black Canary's newly formed Birds of Prey, they're being trailed by a reporter hired by a group of assassins known as the Cleaners. However, both she and Canary are aware of the plan against them, and use the reporter to drawn the Cleaners out into the open. Starling and Canary manage to save the reporter from the Cleaners, but later, when sending the reporter out of the country, he gets a message on his phone and shortly after spontaneously combusts in an explosion. Black Canary called a meeting introducing the group to the newest member Poison Ivy who Starling doesn't trust due to Poison Ivy's background being a villain. Starling even called Poison Ivy "the talking salad".

Starling gets manipululated by Choke and she tries to kill Batgirl, when Batgirl tries to warn Canary that Starling has been compramised, but Canary just tells her that 'Starling is the only person she can trust'. Dinah is later proven wrong when Starling is commanded to kill Katana.

Later, it is revealed theat she used to work for The Penguin, that is probably where she got her codename 'Starling'.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Starling is shown to be highly adept in both armed and unarmed combat, being seen taking out several thugs at once. She also displays improvisational skills, helping distract several police officers from Black Canary.