General Information
Real name: Fire Department of Gotham City, Station 17
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)
Affiliations: Fire Department of Gotham City
Abilities: putting out fires

Station 17 was a firefighting unit of the Fire Department of Gotham City.


After the Scarecrow forced a mass evacuation of Gotham City by threatening to detonate a chemical bomb on Halloween night, the Station 17 unit went to try and put out a fire. However, their truck ended up stopped by rioters, and each member of the station ended up held hostage.

In actuality, its fire chief, Raymond Underhill, had collaborated with Firefly to commit arson throughout the various fire departments while the other stations were cleared out in order to ensure his unit was able to put out various fires and not become obsolete, due to the government shutting the fire department down due to not needing it. He was then arrested for his involvement in Firefly's arson-related crimes and locked up in a maximum security prison after everyone in his unit was saved, with Underhill willingly accepting the consequences.


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