Stephen Kellerman
General Information
Real name: Stephen Kellerman
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)
Created by: Rockstudy Games
Affiliations: Arkham Asylum
Abilities: N/A
Portrayed by: Keith Ferguson (voice)

Dr. Stephen Kellerman is a character from the 2009 video game, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Kellerman is one of the psychiatrists at Arkham Asylum.


Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

Dr. Kellerman was one of the doctors who was kidnapped by the Joker's Henchmen. He, along with Aaron Cash, were trapped in the Patient Observation Room, which was full of laughing toxin, until Batman appeared and rescued them. When meeting with the other rescued doctors and Batman in the Sanatorium, Dr. Young insisted on going to the Arkham Mansion to retrieve her notes. Cash agreed to escort her to the Mansion and, after that, to a safe hiding place. They left. Batman noticed more henchmen coming up the elevator. He advised the remaining doctors (Dr. Cassidy and Kellerman), to go back to the Patient Observation Room and hide there. They remained there for the rest of the game, and survived the incident along with Dr.Cassidy and an unnamed doctor. The doctors in the Patient Observation Room survived Joker's takeover. It was assumed that he returned to his usual duties at the asylum until it was closed down by Mayor Sharp.

Patient Interviews with Jonathan CraneEdit

Patient Interview #6, January 22ndEdit

Patient Interview #9, January 29thEdit

Patient Interview #12, February 14thEdit

Asylum Interview #1, February 14thEdit

Patient Interviews with Pamela IsleyEdit

Patient Interview #41, November 12thEdit

Patient Interview #42, November 14thEdit

Patient Interview #43, November 15thEdit

Patient Interrogation #1, November 17thEdit

Patient Interrogation #3, November 18thEdit


  • "I suppose the mysterious Patient X was kept down on the lower floors."
  • "Just after you took the elevator down, the PA was full of screaming. It was horrible."
  • "Did you find the commissioner?"
  • "How much more can these old buildings take before they collapse?"
  • "What's happening? The whole building started shaking."
  • "Fireworks? What's there to celebrate?"

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