"Trial by Blood"Edit

Things starts off with the Jihad, a Qurac terrorist group of super-villains involved a live training exercise. They utilize their powers effectively and in a devastatingly coordinated effort. At the end of the demonstration, a deal is made to buy their services. The target: within the United States.

Mr. Economos gives Vicki Vale a tour of the Belle Reve facility. The apparent harshness of the conditions is demonstrated by the treatment of the Parasite. The Parasite is being kept unconscious and fed just enough to keep him alive. A rat is mechanically shoved through a cage every few hours for his parasitic energy to leach the life force from. Although it seems inhumane, it is a somewhat necessary process as the Parasite is an extremely dangerous individual who could kill any guards that come too close.

Amanda Waller confers with the staff psychologists, Dr. LaGrieve and Ms. Herrs. They discuss the different Suicide Squad team members and their psychological profiles. It is rather questionable whether most of the members are really fit for duty, but Amanda asserts her authority and makes the decision to proceed anyways.

The debriefing. Amanda goes over the members of the Jihad and the plans for Task Force X (aka the Suicide Squad) to infiltrate "Jotunheim", base of the Jihad. On boarding the plane to take them to their mission, Rick Flagg encounters an old love, Karin.


"Trial by Blood"Edit