"Battle Lines"Edit

The JLI have come to the USSR by order of the American president to stop the rogue Suicide Squad from rescuing an American prisoner, Thomas Tresser. The groups quickly pair off to do battle.

Blue Beetle confronts the powerful Duchess, using his incredible agility to dodge her powerful blows. Deadshot first intends to take a shot at Batman, but the Dark Knight quickly intimidates him, and the two part ways. The Martian Manhunter and Vixen, old friends and teammates from the Detroit Justice League of America, talk out their differences. Captain Boomerang becomes furious at Guy Gardner, who refuses to fight, preferring to sit in an impenetrable green bubble. Captain Atom and Nightshade, who work together for the U.S. government, pretend to fight, but are actually engaging in frolicsome play.

Flag attempts to talk out the situation with Batman, who slugs Flag, igniting a vicious brawl. Meanwhile, Mister Miracle evades Deadshot's uncanny aim, and Bronze Tiger and Black Canary trade martial arts blows. Rocket Red talks to Tresser, determined to find the truth of the situation. Trigorin is a famous author -- one whose work Dmitri is intimately familiar with.

Finally, Booster uses his force field to frustrate Javelin. Amanda Waller is visiting Maxwell Lord in a hospital, where Max suggests that he might expose the Squad, prompting Waller to take advantage of his delicate situation. Max calls for the nurse.

In the USSR, the Rocket Red Brigade, the People's Heroes, and Red Star near the prison where Tresser is being held. At the prison, the battle winds down. Dmitri is concerned that Tresser will be killed if he remains, and suggests to J'onn that both teams work together to rescue him. Batman and Flag, however, will not stop trading blows. They are pulled apart, and Flag collapses, while Batman storms away. Nightshade opens a dimensional hole, so that the Squad can disappear before they are seen by anyone else in the USSR.

When the Russian forces finally arrive, the JLI reveal their intention to interrogate the prisoner at their Russian embassy. There is some tension, but the situation has been resolved. Nemesis will return to the USA. In the aftermath of this adventure, J'onn scolds Batman for using the League to achieve his own ends. Batman responds by quitting the JLI.


"Battle Lines"Edit