"Slipping into Darkness"Edit

An irate Amanda Waller arrives at the Oval Office for a scheduled meeting with the president.He then introduces her to Senator Cray, while charging her and the Suicide Squad to ensure his reelection much to her disgust. Tolliver then arrives informing them if they don't cooperate they will reveal all the details of Task Force X and if she is unable to do it Tolliver will take over her position. Meanwhile in Russia the KGB infiltrate the embassy looking for Nemesis, only to learn he's no longer there.

While at Belle Reve, Waller arrives not even mentioning their botched rescue mission of Nemesis before telling Eve her private mission will be carried out tomorrow and to assemble a team. Meanwhile, Deadshot meets with his therapist Marnie Herrs, but storms out feeling the therapy won't work. Meanwhile, Bronze Tiger takes Captain Boomerang out for drinks, before he passes out and is taken back to Belle Reve to participate in the mission when he awakens. Nightshade then takes the squad to the Land of the Nightshades, where they are attacked by the Incubus in control of Nightshade's brother, Larry.


"Slipping into Darkness"Edit