"Devil to Pay"Edit

The Incubus in control of Larry manages to capture each member of the Squad,who then tells Nightshade the story of how he came to be possessed by the Incubus who reveals his intention of mating with Nightshade. However, June soon transforms into the Enchantress. Enchantress then begins her battle with the Incubus infused Larry, refusing to release the team as she intends to murder them afterwards. He then reveals the entity empowering the enchantress is in actuality the Incubus before removing it and preparing to implant it in Eve so they may mate and produce a vessel for Azhmodeus. However, Duchess breaks free and manages to free the others with several shops as they attempt to keep the Incubus away from Nightshade,while the Incubus turns Vixen on the Bronze Tiger due to the animilistic nature of the dimension.

Bronze Tiger manages to incapacitate Vixen as Larry makes Nightshade his equal, as she attacks him. The battle begins to destroy the reality they're in, as Deadshot shoots Larry in the head as they all link hands and fall.


"Devil to Pay"Edit


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