I think best episode of "The Batman" Season 4 is probably "Artifacts" because of the info on the history gap in animated Batman shows filling in between the final episodes of "The New Batman Adventures" and first episodes("The Call") of "Batman Beyond", in year 2027 telling of Batgirl(Barbara Gordon) becomes Oracle, Robin(Dick Grayson) becomes Nightwing, Batman(Bruce Wayne probably in his late-50s) not willing to quit crime fightin (in old age, even up to "The Call:Part1) because "the mission isn't over", Mr. Freeze freezes himself for a one-thousand years in a special chamber and is woken out of his state in New Gotham with Batman as only a legend until Gotham PD digs up the historic Bat-Cave and brings his permanent end. It's a great crossover, but doesn't have anything to do with Batman of "The Batman" who is in his early years of crime fighting. Season 4 of "The Batman" also introduces Dick Grayson(Robin) and the tragic death of his parents by the Zucco brothers, Matthew Hagan becoming Clayface, John Marlo's clone is the Everywhere Man, Pro. Strange poisons and brainwashes Batman and Robin, Black Mask, Francis Marion is a time-controling thief, Riddler gets his revenge, Joker turns Dr.Harleen Quinzell into Harley Quinn, Rumor,a new vigilante, collects all the villains of Gotham City for their punishment, and finally Martian Manhunter comes to Gotham to warn Batman and protect Earth from alien invasion and formation of the Justice Leauge.

What are the best animated episodes of Batman besides the classic "Heart of Ice"? Batmannut 06:52, October 10, 2009 (UTC)

Not the same without Two-FaceEdit

This show would have been alot better if Harvey Dent/Two-Face was in it, but the stupid Bat-Embargo had to prevent it from happening. Infact i found a pic of what he would look like for this show. Shadowhawk27 21:18, June 24, 2010 (UTC)

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