"Teen Scream"Edit

In the event that anything happens to him Red Robin has arranged a contingency plan in which the Teen Titans would be able to contact Batgirl for help. Unfortunately, the Titans have been forced to use the number he left, and Batgirl is not eager to see see them. They explain that Tim has gone missing, and she knows that it must be the Joker.

Elsewhere, Red Robin wakes up in his original costume, deducing that the Joker must be trying to recreate something, or establish a mood. Joker appears, wearing the stolen glider cape, and claiming that Red Robin's perfectionism - a trait he did not share with his predecessors, is an annoyance to him, and like his predecessors, he prevents Batman from being as disciplined and effective as he could be. Tim has to admit that it is true that Batman would be better at fighting crime if he was free of his helpers. Perhaps, Joker suggests, this is why he left of his own accord. However, the Joker intimates that he knows about the Teen Titans, and Tim realizes that in order to get at him, Joker is going to go after them.

Batgirl sets the Titans to work on investigating eight sites of past Joker crimes, admitting that she can't participate. Kid Flash and Solstice investigate the Wayon Housing Complex, which has large statues of robins outside. They split up, perhaps ill-advisedly, but they turn up nothing but angry residents of the abandoned buildings. Tim, knowing that they would be sent to look into these places, wonders what the Joker's endgame is, in sending them on a wild goose chase.

Gleefully, Joker confirms that he will kill the Teen Titans, and it will break Red Robin. Already, his plan is in motion. By layering the ground at all of the likely locations with a form of Joker Venom in powdered form, Kid Flash's speed would kick it up like dust, and cause the vagrants and squatters nearby to become hostile and kill him.

Across the city, Wonder Girl and Bunker spot Solstice's energy signature, and rush to help, only to find their friends at the mercy of a crowd of Jokers. Despite nearly being overwhelmed, the Titans do feel as though their power has been amplified by something. Fortunately, help comes to them in the form of Arsenal and Starfire.


"Teen Scream"Edit