General Information
Real name: Terence
Aliases: None Known
Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: Joker (Boss)
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Hair - Graying
Eyes -
Portrayed by: Terry Plummer
Appearances: Batman

Terence was one of The Joker's many Goons.


Terence was seen as a mime during the Joker's attack on Vinnie Ricorso and with the rest of the Joker Goons at the Flugelheim Museum, especially when he repainted the head of a statue to reproduce the likeness of the Joker. He was last seen in Gotham City's 200th Anniversary Parade. His fate was never revealed, but it was implied he was apprehended by the GCPD as in the final scene that Commissioner James Gordon gave a speech that the remnant of Joker Goons who were not killed were captured by the GCPD.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Terence was one of three named goons in the film, the other two were Bob and Lawrence. Terence and Lawrence were only called by name at the Flugelheim Museum sequence and both names rhymed. However, Terence was a reference to Terry Plummer's actual name by Jack Nicholson.
  • Terence was often mistakenly believed to be the Overweight Joker Goon, who was played by Mac McDonald, who also wore a black ball cap.

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