The Alstairean is a plant creature from the planet Alstair, who scouted Earth for his species takeover. He had a brief romance with Poison Ivy.


Gotham City SirensEdit

In Gotham City Sirens #14, They turned into monster plants that even Ivy can’t communicate with. Adams shows Ivy a body in a the morgue that is of a guy who has plants for hair. He was an alien who crash landed on the planet. Ivy begins to communicate with the dead plant-man somehow and sees his story. He was originally a scout for an invasion, but the crash screwed that all up, leaving him to live with humans for a month. Eventually he found Dr. Simmons and offered to help him, if Simmons helped him contact his home. The alien actually intended to contact his home to signal the invasion, but Dr. Simmons wasn’t too benevolent either, and saw the alien as a tool, dehydrating him, so he could be used to create new substances.

By communicating with the alien plant corpse, Ivy gets taken control of, and begins to transport the corpse to water. Selina and Harley eventually come across her, and Ivy attacks Harley after she approaches. Ivy puts the body into the water which revives the alien, and they both leave the lab, covering the streets of Gotham in vines. Ms. Adams comes across Selina and Harley and informs them of everything, leading them to weapons that look like flame throwers, but are actually filled with a sort of pesticide to kill the alien.

In Gotham City Sirens #15, Harley and Selina are in Robinson Park where Ivy and Alstairean have set up base. They start burning out of everything, Ivy and Alstairean have set up. Ivy and Alstairean are elsewhere, and she tells him how she came to be.Yet, hearing her babies in peril, Ivy goes to save her plants.

Ivy fights Harley and Selina and almost kills them. Harley tries to reason with Ivy saying she’s being used just the way Joker used her, and reminded Ivy of when they first became friends. Ivy seems not to care, and tells her that she’ll put fresh flowers on her grave. Ivy and Alstairean talk about her becoming her Queen. They kiss, and then Ivy kills him, saying she was used like this before, and she will never again be used.