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The Archer
Batman '66 - Art Carney as The Archer
General Information
Real name: Ben Turner
Portrayed by: Art Carney
Appearances: Batman

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The Archer appears in two consecutive episodes of the 1960s Batman television series.


Archer is a modern-day Robin Hood who robs from the rich and gives to the poor.


  • Bow and Arrow
  • Quiver

Known Associates

The Archer (Art Carney)

Just as Batman and Robin do not go at crime-fighting alone, Archer needs fellow partners in crime to assist him with his malicious schemes:

  • Maid Marilyn (portrayed by Barbara Nichols) - Archer's female assistant. Her name is a spoof of Maid Marian. She is usually seen cooking, eating, or having just eaten a fried chicken leg.
  • Big John (portrayed by Loren Ewing) - Archer's henchman. His name is a spoof of Little John.
  • Crier Tuck (portrayed by Doodles Weaver) - Archer's henchman. His name is a spoof of Friar Tuck.



  • Like Puzzler, Archer was also the name of a villain from the Superman comics.
  • According to the show's writer Stanley Ralph Ross, this Archer was created for the series.

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