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The Batman Episode 1.01: The Bat in the Belfry

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"The Bat in the Belfry"
General Information
Directed by: Seung Eun-Kim
Written by: Duane Capizzi
Series: The Batman
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Original Airdate: September 11, 2004
Next Episode: "Traction"

"The Bat in the Belfry" is the pilot episode of the animated series The Batman.


After stopping a heist by Rupert Thorne, Batman returns to the Batcave to learn that all criminals in Arkham Asylum have mysteriously been released. Batman finds out that it's a crazed clown named Joker who released them, and he plans to make a blimp full of laughing gas explode over Gotham so that every citizen turns into a lunatic. It's up to Batman to stop him.

Voice Cast and CharactersEdit


  • There is a laughing fish in the harbor.
  • Ellen is from Metropolis, Superman's city.
  • Ellen and Ethan jumped into a moat with lots of security features, but triggered none.

Previous episode: Next episode:
None "Traction"

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