Q&A is the eighth episode of the first season of The Batman. It introduces the Cluemaster.


Arthur Brown, an intelligent man now calling himself the Cluemaster, plans revenge upon the people involved in the "Think Thank Thunk" game show for (seemingly) letting his opponent win years ago. Can Batman stop him and save Cluemaster's hostages?

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  • The chess girl says she's moving her bishop, but moves her knight.


Cluemaster: Relax, Ross. In the spirit of gamesmanship, I'm giving you all a chance to walk away scot-free. If you can defeat me in a re-match.

Cluemaster: At this point of the show, we would usually break for a word from our sponsor -- don't you wish.

Cluemaster: Money can't soothe the pain of humiliation, nor can my consolation prize of a lifetime supply of Kremelos -- though they are moist and delicious.

Bruce: (about his childhood; why he couldn't play) There was work to do.
Alfred: Play is the work of a child.

Alfred: Artie Brown was undefeatable.
Bruce: And obnoxious.

Mrs. Brown: Are you one of Artie's friends?
Batman: Uh ... yes.
Mrs. Brown: My, you're a big one.

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