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General Information
Directed by: Sam Liu
Written by: Christopher Yost
J.D. Murray
Series: The Batman
Season: 2
Episode: 6
Original Airdate: June 18, 2005
Previous Episode: "Swamped"
Next Episode: "Meltdown"

"Pets" is the sixth episode of the second season of The Batman.


When The Penguin's birds attempt to steal a sonic bird control device, they end up taking a device that controls bats instead. When Penguin discovers that the device allows him to turn Man-bat into his personal slave he uses him to rob several banks in the city. Meanwhile, Alfred must deal with a raccoon which has found its way into the Batcave and is wreaking havoc on the electric equipment.

Voice Cast and Characters


  • Coming Soon

Previous episode: Next episode:
"Swamped" "Meltdown"

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