"Riddler's Revenge"
Riddler's Revenge
General Information
Directed by: Brandon Vietti
Written by: Stan Berkowitz
Series: The Batman
Season: 4
Episode: 10
Original Airdate: February 17, 2007
Previous Episode: "Seconds"
Next Episode: "Rumors"

"Riddler's Revenge" is the tenth episode of the fourth season of The Batman.


The episode starts in a cargo boat, where the Riddler, along with his thugs, have kidnapped Chuck Gorman, a business man who, according to the Riddler, was the cause of making him a criminal. Batman frees Chuck and fights them. While they're fighting, Chuck Gorman escapes with a small boat and steals the Riddler's stick, making the cargo boat explode. Batman and the Riddler hide in a container to save theirself, and the container falls under the sea. Robin is searching them...

Under the sea, the Riddler explains his origins, and explains Batman that he was a fundamental component to create what Gotham calls the criminal mastermind Riddler. Since a kid, Edward Nygma, his real identity, loved to make puzzles, hard builds and other games, while his father was addicted to baseball. When he grows up, he decides to try harder with his genius abilities, from solving a rubik cube to stealing an expensive diamond. In his early 20s, Edward is in the lab of his university, and he's creating a device, along with his friend Julie, that can make people who use it to enhance brain power, learning a new language in five minutes and so on.

At the presentation of his creation, along with Julie and Chuck Gorman, a guy who Edward hates, the project fails and the tester of the project falls off with his brain freezed. Believing Gorman sabotaged his device, Nygma tries to kill him with almost impossible riddles. Batman comes and saves him. Edward then became Riddler. After narrating his origin, Batman gives the Riddler a hint that helps him realize it was not Gorman who sabotaged the device at all, and they escape together. Before Batman can take Riddler in, he gets away with the help of his thugs.

Batman and Robin found him in his old university, where the Riddler confronts Julie, who sabotaged the device because she was frustrated by Nygma's pride and wanted all the profits of the device for herself. For this betrayal, Nygma decides to kill Julie with the device, but he is stopped by Batman and Robin. Before Robin can set Julie free, Batman speaks a riddle for Julie: "When is the villain...Not the villain?"

Julie looks at the unconscious Edward Nygma and lowers her head in shame when she sees him shed a tear out of a broken heart, and Batman and Robin leave them both to be taken into police custody.

Voice Cast and CharactersEdit


  • Despite being the ninth and tenth episodes of season four, "Seconds" and "Riddler's Revenge" were first broadcast before the eighth episode "Two of a Kind".


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"Seconds" "Rumors"

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