"The Batman/Superman Story Pt. 2"
Batman superman robin
General Information
Directed by: Christopher Berkeley
Written by: Steve Cuden
Series: The Batman
Season: 5
Episode: 2
Original Airdate: September 29, 2007
Previous Episode: "The Batman/Superman Story Pt. 1"
Next Episode: "Vertigo"

"The Batman/Superman Story Pt. 2" is the second part of the two-part first episode of the fifth season of The Batman.


The conclusion of The Batman/Superman Story finds Superman under the control of Lex Luthor, courtesy of Poison Ivy's hypnotic spores. Batman and Robin must free Superman from his trance and halt Luthor's diabolical plan.

Voice Cast and CharactersEdit



Action Comics #654

  • The Batman vs. Superman battle was clearly a homage to the Batman: Hush story arc issue - Batman #612.
  • Superman entrusting the Kryptonite into the care of Batman at the end of this episode is a reenactment to comic version of this scene found in Action Comics #654.
  • A few notes of John William's iconic Superman theme could be heard during certain points of the final fight.


Previous episode: Next episode:
"The Batman/Superman Story Pt. 1" "Vertigo"

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