The Bouncer
Bouncer BMV
General Information
Real name: Unidentified
First Appearance: Detective Comics #347
Created by: Gardner Fox
Affiliations: Monarch of Menace
Abilities: Elastalloy suit
Portrayed by: None

The Bouncer is a villain and opponent of Batman, who wears a self constructed suit of elastalloy that allowes him to bounce from objects to evade capture.


"Is Batman Slipping?"

"Great Crime-Fighter Meets His Match!"

The headlines in Gotham during The Bouncer's crime wave told only part of the story. For days, the city had been terrorized by a thief clad head-to-toe in a brown rubber suit. Wrapping himself into a ball," as the result of five years of long study, eventually planned to use his new discovery for crime. Molding the substance into a body armor, the Bouncer noted that "Elastalloy has the added property of protecting me from shock -- so that I can bounce tremendous distances or from great heights -- yet not be harmed at all!"

Batman concluded that the only way to defeat the Bouncer was to strain his costume to its "elastic limit", the point at which "an object is no longer able to regain its original shape and size". Equipping himself and Robin with electrodes, Batman and his partner circled the villain, allowing a cold beam to pass between them and quickfreeze the Bouncer's outfit. The collapse of the elastalloy came none too soon, with the Dark Knight narrowly escaping death from the villain's specially treated gun. (Detective Comics #347)

The Bouncer returned as a simple henchman of the Monarch of Menace, offering his services against Batman. He was easily defeated by the Dark Knight.

The Bouncer resurfaced again in 1981, one of several villains who terrorized Gotham during a prolonged absence by the city's resident hero. Now wearing red, the Bouncer made another strike at Batman, intending to smash him at high velocity. Instead, a couple of kicks from the Dark Knight sent him ricocheting uncontrollably in the confined space until he was knocked unconscious. (Batman # 336)

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