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The Box
General Information
Official name: The Remote Encephalogram Stimulator Box
First Appearance: Batman Forever
Type: 3D Image enchancer
Mind Reading Device
Used by: The Riddler
"Soon my little "Box" will be on countless TVs around the world, feeding me credit card numbers, bank codes, sexual fantasies and little white lies. Into my head they'll go. Victory is inevitable."
―The Riddler[src]
The Box is a mind-reading machine created by Edward Nygma that fronted as 3D Television equipment, able to transmit brainwaves through a T.V. to create 3-D images. It was used by The Riddler and Two-Face to gain the knowledge of others. The device was built by and funded Nygma's company NygmaTech.


Edward secretly worked on the box during his time working at Wayne Enterprises. After finding out about this secret project, his boss Fred Stickley put a halt on it, declaring it terminated.

But when Bruce Wayne came to visit the factory, Edward was determined to make this project a reality and have his idol by his side to help him.

After showing his invention to Bruce and absent mindedly saying that it would manipulate brainwaves, Bruce rejected the idea saying that tampering with people's brainwaves was too dangerous and would raise too many questions.

Edward, feeling betrayed, spent long hours after work to prove his former idol wrong. Stickley suddenly appeared and was about to call security to halt this project once and for all, when Edward knocked him unconscious.

After he awakened, Edward had tied him up and attached a transceiver helmet to his head. Edward also wearing a helmet, turned on the invention which displayed a fishing television program in 3D, but while Stickley was mesmerized by it, Edward was secretly absorbing his brain waves into his own brain making him smarter.

After Edward told Stickley what had happened, he was furious and fired Edward on the spot, but his former employee pushed him out the window, killing him.

Afterwards Edward resigned from Wayne Enterprises and eventually became a new costumed criminal called "The Riddler", he made an alliance with another criminal named Two-Face to help him develop more of his boxes, after demonstrating them in Two-Face's hideout, so he could become "Gotham's cleverest carbon based life form" in return for his help in finding out Batman's true identity.

Edward started a new firm called Nygmatech and began fast production on the boxes. Electronic stores were packed full of them and soon became sold out.

Soon every home in Gotham had a box on top of their television, unaware that their brainwaves were being transferred across the city to an even more larger box constructed by the Riddler on Claw Island, where the villain was absorbing all their knowledge for himself, feeding him with valuable information such as credit card numbers and bank codes.

At a Nygmatech party, where Edward revealed his new improved box to the to public, he demonstrated that whoever stepped inside would receive fully holographic fantasies. He tricked Bruce Wayne into stepping inside. Even though Two-Face crashed the party and destroyed the box, it had still managed to absorb some information from Bruce, which revealed that he was Batman.

After Batman and his new partner Robin infiltrated the Riddler's headquarters and destroyed his brave wave collecting device, the villain lost his knowledge and sanity and was taken to Arkham Asylum, while Two-Face was killed.

It is unknown what happened to the box, but it is most likely that all the business crumbled and all the boxes that were bought by Gotham's citizens were possibly confiscated or destroyed.


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