The Death of the Flash!
General Information
Series: The Brave and the Bold
Issue Number: 67
First Published: September, 1966
Previous Issue: The Brave and the Bold #66
Next Issue: The Brave and the Bold #68


A series of robberies committed by a group of super-fast thieves called the Speed Boys have been plaguing both Gotham City and Central City, bringing the attention of both Batman and the Flash. Although struck with a fatal illness that gets worse every time he runs, the Flash teams up with the Caped Crusader to try and stop the super-fast crooks, however just before the Flash can nab any his sickness gets the best of him causing the crooks to get away.

During one robbery however, Batman and the Flash manage to capture one of the Speed Boys and Batman takes his shoes to analyze while the Flash goes after the rest of the group. However, Flash finally succumbs to his illness and is taken by the Speed Boys who show off the Flash's supposed dead body on the TV airwaves. However, the radioactive isotope used to power the Speed Boy's sneakers cures and revives the Flash, enabling him to quickly recover and capture the entire gang when they least expect it, turning them over to Commissioner Gordon and Batman.






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