The Broker
The Broker
General Information
Real name: Sherman Fine
First Appearance: Gotham City Sirens #1 (August 2009)
Created by: Paul Dini
Guillem March
Affiliations: Jenna Duffy
Warren White
The Mad Hatter
The Joker
The Riddler
Mr. Freeze
Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn
Abilities: Experienced Realtor
Portrayed by: N/A

Sherman Fine, also known as The Broker, provides hideouts and secret lairs for Gotham City's criminals at a monetary price. He's found places for the Joker, Catwoman, Mad Hatter and others. Unlike other villains, his main enemy is Batman's partner, Robin.


Gotham City SirensEdit

In Gotham City Sirens #1, he appears at the Gotham City Shelter for Cats and Dogs, the Broker is selling the place to Catwoman. She takes it and he then gets a phone call from the Mad Hatter about a new place. He leaves. Poison Ivy then blasts some truth gas into Catwoman's face and asks, "Who is Batman?"

In Gotham City Sirens #10, he appears in a flashback where the Sirens see their hideout, think of the Broker, yet they concentrated on the problem caused by a low-time villain named Doctor Aesop.

In Gotham City Sirens #19, Talia al Ghul continues trying to convince Zatanna that Catwoman's knowledge of Batman's identity should be erased. When Zatanna refuses, Talia fires missiles at Catwoman's home, and blows it up, but Zatanna uses her magic and makes a last-second save. Later, Zatanna comes to try to apologize to Catwoman, but she is less than welcoming. Meanwhile, the Broker finds the gals a new home, the closed Gotham County Arboretum! After settling in a little, Selina tells former psychiatrist Harley Quinn about the problems in her love-life. This causes poor Harley to reminisce about her lover. Harley runs off to an abandoned fair ground and uncovers one of Joker's "bag of tricks". Catwoman and Poison Ivy show up to stop her from doing anything stupid, but it's too late! She throws out some Joker Bombs that knock-out her gal-pals, and swears to kill the Joker!

Batman: Streets of GothamEdit

In Batman: Streets of Gotham#4, The Broker has also dealt with Warren White before he became the Great White Shark. The Broker acts on Black Mask's behalf to recruit Great White to join Black Mask's gang. The Broker even tries to enlist Victor Zsasz into Black Mask's enterprise. Victor Zsasz's delusions and criminal offenses would be a great offense for Black Mask in the Underworld, so The Broker was sent to recruit him. When Batman came to the Broker and asked him what he was doing, he told the truth and said that he was also trying to track down Zsasz. Batman left him, yet the Broker got contact with Zsasz and recruit him for Black Mask's purposes.

In Batman: Streets of Gotham #12, Jenna Duffy is requested by a new villain, that goes by the name of the Director. This business is handed by her partner, the Broker. She got the Director's respect when his bodyguards ambushed her, but she defeated them. Her job is to fill a stage, full of death traps, and Batman will the main actor who dies and the Director will film it all. She is done, and figures that she could leave, but the goons ambush her quietly and take her.

Yet, in Batman: Streets of Gotham #13, Duffy makes a huge discovery that not only will Batman die on the stage, but herself as well. She escapes with her life and Batman easily defeats the Director on his own stage. She tells to Batman, about her supposed abduction, her forced labor without pay, and that he was going to kill her. Batman informed her that she leave Gotham, but as she found work in Keystone again, the Broker called and persuaded her to come work for him with Mr. Freeze, and the pay will be in diamonds. She returns right back to Gotham.

In Other MediaEdit

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

Riddler 3rd Digital Chapter

Riddler: The 3rd Digital Chapter

The Broker is seen in the 3rd digital comics of Arkham City. He is one of the villains that came up when Batman had tried to find the Riddler and uncover what his plans were. The Broker is known for his ties with Riddler, since finding the Riddler is hard now, since in Arkham City, Hugo Strange runs it. The Broker usually gives the Riddler, the best and trickiest hideout, when they work together.

He doesn't appear in the game but is in Arkham City selling buildings as confirmed in Zsasz's lair where there is a pile of cards with the Broker written on them. Scanning them answers a riddle and unlocks an Arkham City Story about the Broker's activities. The Broker also sold Ratcatcher a building in Arkham City, as seen in Ratcather's story.


The note from Falcone shipping

Also in the Scarecrow's boat, Scarecrow has a notice from Falcone's Shipping, and says that 'Mr. Fine' will give all that you require, which shows that the Broker is working for Falcone and Scarecrow.

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