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When an ex-Yale scholar of Egyptology sustains a head wound during a student riot, he suffers the delusion that he is none other than King Tut. Believing Gotham City to be a modern-day Thebes, the King of the Nile decides to take it over and make it his own; he arrives in the middle of Gotham's Central Park inside a gigantic Sphinx, and then announces his demands - including the deaths of Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo attempt to break into the Sphynx, but they soon become involved in a fight with Tut's ‘Tutlings’, Nefertiti, Vizier and Scrivener. Having escaped, Bruce Wayne then visits the Egyptian exhibit at the Gotham Museum amid much publicity, hoping that this will give him an opportunity to trap Tut and his henchmen. However, when the tour is underway, an ancient mummy comes to life and causes the crowd to flee in terror. Wayne calls for a doctor but the ambulance that arrives is driven by Tut's henchmen. They lure Wayne out into the hallway. He leans down to check the mummy for speech. One of Tut's henchmen sprays him with a sedative. The mummy is replaced by the stunned Wayne on the gurney and strapped down. They bind and gag Wayne with a thick terrycloth and cover his head with a stocking. They give one final, long spray of the sedative to Wayne's face through the stocking. All three men laugh with delight as Wayne struggles in vain against his bonds. Just before he is rendered unconscious. He is now spirited away and at the mercy of the mummy - Tut in disguise…




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