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The Dark Knight Coaster
is an enclosed, wild mouse roller coaster themed after the 2008 superhero crime film, The Dark Knight. The attraction is currently operating at Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags New Mexico. It was manufactured by Mack Rides and was opened in tandem with the theatrical release of the film.


Guests are immersed in the world of The Dark Knight in the premise of being stalked by The Joker. The exterior of the show building resembles Gotham City Railway Station.

DK Coaster entrance SF Great America

Entrance at Six Flags Great America.


Coming from the outdoor queue, riders enter a room where they view a live broadcast of a press conference with Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). Almost immediately, The Joker interrupts the feed and his messages (such as "HA HA!") start to appear all over the walls. They proceed to another room where they see themselves on the overhead monitors. The two guests closest to the camera have clown masks digitally superimposed over their faces.

DK Coaster loading SF Great America

Loading area.


At the loading station, the cars move through continuously. Riders unload at the rear of the platform, after which those in line immediately board. Unlike almost all the other coasters in the parks, there are no gates. Once onboard, it proceeds onto the lift. The ride itself consists of several sharp hairpin turns and sudden drops, accented by various eerily lit buildings placed alongside the track. The experience is accompanied by an ominous score.

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