The Dark Knight Rises
TheDarkKnightRises Soundtrack
General Information
Release Date: July 17, 2012
Length: 51:20 (1:23:55 with all bonus tracks)
Composed by: Hans Zimmer
Label: Warner Bros. Records

The soundtrack to The Dark Knight Rises was composed by Hans Zimmer was released on July 17, 2012 by Warner Bros.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "A Storm is Coming"
  2. "On Thin Ice"
  3. "Gotham's Reckoning"
  4. "Mind if I Cut in?"
  5. "Underground Army"
  6. "Born in Darkness"
  7. "The Fire Rises"
  8. "Nothing Out There"
  9. "Despair"
  10. "Fear Will Find You"
  11. "Why Do We Fall?"
  12. "Death By Exile"
  13. "Imagine the Fire"
  14. "Necessary Evil"
  15. "Rise"
  16. "Bombers Over Ibiza" (Junkie XL Remix) *
  17. "The Shadows Betray You" *
  18. "No Stone Unturned" *
  19. "Risen from Darkness" *
  20. "All Out War" *
  21. "The End" *

("*" represents bonus tracks)

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