The Dummy
Batman 134 25
General Information
Real name: Daniel Matthews
First Appearance: Batman #134 (September, 1960)
Created by: Bill Finger
Sheldon Moldoff

Daniel "Danny" Matthews, otherwise known as The Dummy, is a villain who first appeared in Batman #134 in September 1960. He uses dummies for illegal activities due to the fact that he is enraged that people refer to him as "Danny the Dummy".


Danny the Dummy, a pint-sized ventriloquist in a top hat and suit, has a hit act in which he plays the dummy to a normal sized "ventriloquist" Matt (who is revealed as the real dummy at the end of each show). But the fact that people invariably refer to Danny as "the Dummy" infuriates him, and inspires him to use dummies for crime to make dummies out of the law.

Powers and abilities

  • Expert Ventriloquist


  • Dummies

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