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When the Gotham City Bank is robbed by two invisible crooks, Commissioner Gordon decides to call Batman and Robin for help. However, he is stopped by the see-through criminals themselves - actually Doctor Cassandra Spellcraft and her husband Cabala - who gloat that they are unstoppable, and then promptly leave. In search of clues, the Caped Crusader decides to visit the Gotham City Library, where he meets Barbara Gordon and looks up some books on the occult sciences. Meanwhile, with the effects of their invisibility pills now worn off, Cassandra and Cabala return to their hideout and check up on their Alvino-Ray Gun; the diabolical doctor then contacts Gordon and informs him of her intention to steal the famous Mope diamond from Spiffany's Jewelry Store. The Commissioner contacts the Dynamic Duo, who immediately race to the jewellery store accompanied by Batgirl; they arrive in time to catch Cassandra red-handed, but the classy criminal uses her Alvino-ray gun to turn the Batman, Robin and Batgirl into two-dimensional characters; then, while Cassandra makes off with the Mope Diamond, Cabala collects the three flat crime fighters and slides them under the door of the commissioner’s office. While Gordon and Chief O’Hara decide on how to restore the Terrific Trio to their full dimensions, Cassandra and Cabala take some camouflage pills and sneak into Gotham State Penitentiary, where they set about releasing The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, King Tut and Egghead








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