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The mobster Ma Parker and her felonious family, Pretty Boy, Mad Dog, Machine Gun and Legs arrive in Gotham City, and begin a wave of crime. Their first act is to disrupt the Gotham Ladies Auxiliary's Mother of the Year Awards Ceremony, where they rob the entire audience of their valuables. Commissioner Gordon and Police Chief O’Hara call in Batman and Robin, and it is not long before the Dynamic Duo manage to track the villains to their home on Cherry Blossom Road. But the gangsters use a smoke bomb to confuse the two crime fighters, and all but Pretty Boy escape. Ma and her gangsters then steal the takings from a theatre’s box office, but Machine Gun is also captured, followed by Mad Dog when an attempt to hold up a drugstore goes awry. Batman and Robin finally locate Ma and Legs at an old ladies' home, and after a high-speed rocket-wheelchair race, the two villains are brought to justice and taken to Gotham State Penitentiary to join the rest of their family. However, Ma soon reveals to Warden Crichton that she has infiltrated the prison with guards on her payroll, and it is now time for her to take over the institution. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin speed back to the Batcave, unaware that one of Ma Parker’s paid-off prison trustee has planted a bomb aboard the Batmobile which will explode when the vehicle reaches sixty m.p.h. …




Behind the scenesEdit

  • Catwoman only makes a cameo appearance as a prisoner.
  • Milton Berle cameos as Lefty.

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