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At the Gotham City Museum, Batman and Robin have been tied to an altar beneath a giant meteorite, which is rigged to fall on them once its supporting cable is severed by a revolving piece of burning thermite. Luckily the Caped Crusader is able to throw his Batarang at the thermite and break off a piece, which he then uses to free himself and his trusty chum. Meanwhile, the Joker steals a carrara marble statue of Justice, representing Libra, the Scales, whilst his henchgirl Venus, disguised as a detective, pilfers a jewelled scorpion for Scorpio. When the Dynamic Duo are unable to stop the thieves, they decide to set a trap at the home of Basil Bowman - representing Sagittarius the Archer. The Clown Prince of Crime and his gang make a kidnap attempt, but are promptly attacked by Batman and Robin; however, The Joker immediately grabs Venus at knifepoint, using his own moll as a shield in order to make his escape. Venus later defects to the Dynamic Duo's side and helps rescue the opera singer Leo Crustash. Joker then has his goons abduct Venus while committing another theft. They put her in a fishnet down to her waist tightened by a strap. They spray knockout gas in her face through the net.The two men drag her away. Venus' pantyhosed feet fall from her heels as she's dragged off to their getaway van. Joker sets up another trap for The Dynamic Duo. The Joker leaves attempting to plan his next crime. But not before feeding them to his pet Giant Clam. As the beast approaches, Robin struggles to get out of its path. His attempts are futile as the Giant Clam swallows him. Kicking and struggling as Batman and Venus can only watch in horror. Robin loses both of his boots as he entered the Giant Clam. His stocking covered feet hang outside the beasts' shell. Wiggling and kicking back and forth to be free. He begs Batman to set him free. Robin tells Batman he is running out of air inside the shell. That the clam is devouring him. Batman hears him gasping. He starts to suffocate. Weakening his strength to fight. Robin's stocking feet stop moving. Batman cries out to Robin. Who is no longer making a sound. His left stocking foot slips into the shell. Now his right stocking foot is slowly disappearing. Batman knows he must act quickly. Or it's Venus' pantyhosed feet that will be kicking back and forth while sticking out of the clam shell next!




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