The Joker's Video Threat was broadcasted on Gotham City News. The video involved Brian Douglas, one of the Batmen, and the Joker, who at some point, kidnapped Douglas and began to torture him.

The VideoEdit

The video began with the Joker asking Brian for his name which he replies. He is asked if he is the real Batman, which Brian simply says "No". The Joker starts laughing at his response, removes his mask, and barking, "Then why do ya dress up like him?!" Brian bravely replied that the reason of his imitation was because Batman is a symbol that everyone doesn't have to be afraid of criminal scum such as the Joker. The Joker wasn't buying this reply and proceeded to viciously interrogate Brian while he sat weeping in fear. He asks for his opinion on Batman making Gotham City a better place, and demanded fiercely for Brian to face him. Everything becomes silent for a few seconds, and the Joker now turns the camera on him, making his speech on how "crazy" Batman has made Gotham. If Gotham wanted order, the Joker demanded that Batman takes off his mask and turn himself into the police. However, if he refuses to do so, people will die everyday, starting on that night. He states that he makes his promises and begins to laugh maniacally as he starts lunging at Brian off-camera as the image shakes madly. Brian is heard screaming in reaction to whatever is happening.


Brian's body hangs on the window of the mayor's office with his face painted like the Joker and his mouth cut into a glasgow smile like the Joker's and the video is released to the public. Bruce is given the message but continues to set up the fundraiser for that night.